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January 20, 2010

My Rebelfone Experience

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When I travelled abroad this year to Europe, I needed a better solution for my cell phone. I go on a trip every year and when I come back, I’m always faced with huge roaming charges on my cell phone bill. Deciding to try another route, I soon heard about Rebelfone, a company that provides temporary cellular service for those who are traveling. Unfortunately, that’s all I knew about the company and I didn’t bother with researching any more about them before I packed my bags. I soon found out that the 35 networks they say are in partnership with don’t cover even the most populated areas of service. And if you have a problem and want to talk to the people at Rebelfone, I wouldn’t bother. They are either unavailable or rude.

When you sign up with Rebelfone, you are given the option of either renting an international cell phone for $1 day or buying a cell phone from them. Of course, if you already have a cell phone that will work internationally, you also have the choice of just buying a SIM card from them. Because I have lots of contacts and emails in my phone, I chose this option so I didn’t have to fuss with two different phones while I was away. With the SIM card that I bought for $9.99, this is what I received (or rather, what they said I would receive): one SIM card that would work in 44 European countries, unlimited free incoming calls while in the UK, 24 x 7 global support, and simple and accurate billing that would be billed right to my credit card. Other than the SIM card, which didn’t work in many of the places I was in, I didn’t receive any of this.

I don’t know what European countries that Rebelfone does work in but it didn’t work in two of the three that I was in. Those were the France and Italy. Luckily, I was traveling with a good friend that had brought her cell phone, that wasn’t one she bought from Rebelfone. I used that to call the support line they had given me for the fabulous all-time customer service they also promised. The man I finally spoke to on the phone after calling several times with no luck, told me that he didn’t know what was wrong and that the SIM card should be working perfectly. When I became upset and said that obviously it wasn’t, he actually suggested that it was my fault! The phone did work while I was in the United Kingdom but I honestly found the dialing instructions too much of a hassle.

When I did get home, I got my bill from Rebelfone for the calls I had made. And the calls I had received!! What happened to the free incoming calls I wanted to know. Reluctantly calling Rebelfone again, I asked why I was charged for these calls. They told me that was their policy. When I asked about the free incoming calls, they told me that wasn’t the plan I had signed up for and that I was responsible for all the charges on the bill.

I wish I had done more extensive research on Rebelfone before I decided to give them a try. If I had, I might have found out that the Better Business Bureau has given them a rating of D-.  This means that not only does the BBB find nothing of value in this company but that they also strongly advise using caution when choosing them. I might have also found out that there were customers just like myself who had the exact, or worse, experiences. I’m sure there are other companies available that can help reduce the cost of roaming cell phone charges while you’re abroad. But Rebelfone certainly isn’t one of them.


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